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Breaking the Rules of Meat and Wine Pairing: Surprising Combinations that Work

Meat and wine pairing can sometimes feel limiting, with many traditional pairings becoming the norm. But sometimes, breaking the rules can lead to surprising and delightful combinations. In this blog post, we will explore some unconventional meat and wine pairings that work.


One surprising pairing is white wine with red meat. While red wine is the traditional pairing for red meat, white wine can provide a refreshing contrast. Full-bodied white wines such as oaked chardonnay can stand up to the richness of red meat.

Another surprising pairing is rosé with steak. Rosé wines' fruity and floral notes can complement the charred flavors of a grilled steak. Additionally, orange wine is a versatile choice that can handle the bold flavors of lamb and other Middle Eastern cuisine.

Fortified wines such as sherry can also provide a surprising pairing for meat dishes. Sherry's nuttiness and complexity can complement cold cuts and organ meats.

In conclusion, breaking the traditional rules of meat and wine pairing can lead to exciting and surprising combinations. Experimenting with different wines can enhance your dining experience and add a new dimension to your meal.

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