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Does Good Alcohol-Free Wine Exist? Yes, It Does!

Over the years, I have tasted countless alcohol-free wines, with most falling short of expectations. However, after an extensive search, I discovered a few that prove good alcohol-free wine does exist. When it comes to alcohol free wine, there are 3 issues to keep into account:


Is it Still Wine?

Traditional wine enthusiasts may argue that removing alcohol strips away the essence of wine, but at the same time, we can't be blind to changing lifestyles and consumer demand for healthier options.

Structure and Mouthfeel: Finding the Right Balance

Without alcohol, the structure of wine can feel peculiar, as alcohol contributes to the body, mouthfeel, and overall complexity of a wine. Personally, I find bubbles the easiest category to dealcoholize, and red the most difficult. The CO2 in sparkling wines gives the dealcoholized wine structure and mouthfeel, but there's something about tannins without alcohol that always makes it taste flabby. Rosé and white wine have a higher natural acidity so they also tend to work better dealcoholized than reds.

The Price Tag: Alcohol-Free Wines Aren't Cheap to Produce

Producing high-quality alcohol-free wines can be an expensive endeavor, as the process of removing alcohol requires specialized equipment and techniques. This is one of the reasons alcohol-free wines may carry a higher price tag than one might expect.

Our Daily Bottle’s solution: German Alcohol-Free Wines

We recently added three German alcohol-free wines to the Our Daily Bottle portfolio after a long search and we can very comfortably say they are worthy wines.

Know someone who's pregnant, health-conscious, or looking for a delicious alcohol-free option? Share this post with them and let them know there's no excuse not to party anymore! Good alcohol-free wine is out there, and as the industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer needs, we can expect even more enjoyable options in the future. 🎉

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